Bona Fides

The Bona Fides Association is an independent, non-profit and politically un-involved non-government organisation whose mission is to enhance transparency of public life and develop cilvil participation. Most projects of the association are realised in Katowice (Poland), where actions aiming to increase the quality and transparency of the local public life are taking place; also development and reinforcement of the civil participation in taking important decisions regarding the city.

Within our projects we prepare citizens to be active members of public life in the local level. At the beginning of most of our projects we conduct monitorings of different parts of functioning of local authorities. Later on we engage inhabitants in consultations on local movement around local demcracy. The overall objective of our projects is to empower local citizens and make the civic consultations a part of civic culture in Katowice. At the moment, the need of change regards both - members of the local communities and the representatives of the local authorities.

The Bona Fides Association started to implement community organizing methods in 2011. We have been working with people from disadvantaged groups (low income, unemployed) for this time


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