Centrum komunitneho organizovania - Center for Community Organizing (CCO) is an independent non-governmental organization providing trainings and consultations to citizens, citizens initiatives or elected officials and local municipalities reps in the field of active citizenship in Banska Bystrica in Slovakia. CCO has built an innovative and unique model of training and supporting citizens to become more active in the public arena.

CCO's community organizing work has been focused in urban areas, particularly in socialist built high-rise neighbourhoods. Citizen participation has grown over the years but obstacles remain related to the communist legacy and uncertainty of things like membership. CCO is convinced that sharing experience with other countries in Europe provides insight and new inspiration to improve the work. CCO adopted the community organizing model funded with the American funding and know-how to Slovak conditions and continues to introduce it to other European countries. It is CCO's experience that citizens are not invited to participate but also they often do not have the skills nor the structures to allow them to meaningfully and effectively participate. CCO has already supported with its training and consultations several hundred volunteers already active in various citizen initiatives across Slovakia and plans to respond to a lot of current requests for help in a number of other countries in the CEE region to set up community organizing projects. CCO is also the founder and active member of the CEE Citizens Network ( The Citizens Network is active in promoting increased citizen participation in the CEE region for more nearly 10 years. There are currently more than 30 member organizations from 18 countries.


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