ECON attends WSOS/GLC Professional Fellows 2nd Reunion in Hungary

From 1 to 5 September, ECON representatives attended a regional meeting of the Professional Fellows of the U.S. State Department Fellowship Programme, which was held in Balatonfured in Hungary.

JIK - Jugend Ideen Konferenz (Conference of Youth's Ideas)

For many years, young people in our hometown Bautzen have been frustrated about not being able to change something in and about their city, although there were quite a few aspects the youth did not feel comfortable with.

Application to Receive Consulting Help

 The European Community Organizing Network is launching new Community Organizing Consultancy Program.

ECON - ECOS Joint Meeting in Zvolen, Slovakia, November 28, 2016

On November 28, 2016 ECON co-organized joint meeting with “European Community Organizing School” project participants. Meeting took place in Community Center managed by Center for Community Organizing in Zvolen, Slovakia. Participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine and Slovakia discussed issue of community organizing trainings methodologies, including newly developing web page with community organizing online courses for beginners as well as advanced community activists.

Main part of meeting was devoted to discussion about our commitment to social changes we would like to see in our societies. Check soon our web page to find out more about ideas from participants how ECON and ECON members can engage minorities in community organizing, build real power of community initiatives, how our commitment to social change should be reflected in our local work.

What happened during Citizen Participation University 2016?

 In the field of popular education practitioners often talk about the idea of “generative themes,” or themes that emerge from a group of learners that give some insight into the deeper, lived-experience of the students. The 2016 Citizen Participation University brought together almost 60 people from 16 different countries to the Civil College in Kunbabony, Hungary for a week of intensive trainings, discussions, and networking.

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