Impact Report: The community organizing movement in Europe

Posted by (econ) on 28.05.2018
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The rise of xenophobic and nationalist forces in all parts of Europe, and the erosion--or collapse--of the traditional political consensus, present difficult terrain for all of us involved in building civil society on the continent. 

Likewise, this phenomenon is not just limited to Europe; the political turmoil in the United States shares many of the same dynamics, actors, and outcomes. 

The ground is shifting under our feet. 


Community organizing as a counterforce
Community organizing represents an important counterforce to these challenges. It rejects the inevitability of this closing of civic space, and it locates the center of its practice in marginalized communities, and/or communities in fear of “slipping back” and losing status--the very same kinds of communities that are targeted (in very different ways) by right-wing nationalist movements. 

Building solidarity at the edges of society
As the political center is collapsing, the battle is shifting to the peripheries. Community organizers must build strong, locally rooted organizations by working on the gr


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